Sindy in the 1960s
The original Sindy doll was modelled on the Ideal Toy Corporation's Tammy. The tagline "the doll you love to dress..." was similarly borrowed from Tammy. The license to copy these dolls was granted to Pedigree's parent company (Lines Bros. Limited) by Ideal on the condition that Pedigree's dolls be given new names.

The first Sindy dolls wore "Weekenders", an outfit consisting of jeans and a striped shirt. These dolls had short hair, painted eyelashes, and were jointed at the neck, hips and shoulders. The majority of these dolls had brunette hair.

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In 1965 Sindy's social life was given a boost when she met her boyfriend Paul at a dance. Named after Paul McCartney, the first edition of this doll had molded painted hair. Later versions sported a shock of brown rooted hair. Described as "the well-dressed young man" with a "smart collection of clothes -- the type of wardrobe every girl would like her boyfriend to wear", Paul brought with him a range of outfits suited to every occasion from the seaside to his day-job as a medical student.

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In 1966 the Sindy family grew with the introduction of "that rascal Patch, Sindy's naughty little sister." Patch (shown on left) was modelled after Tammy's little sister Pepper. Paul disappeared in 1967 but two female friends appeared to console Sindy in 1968. Sindy's English girlfriend Vicki (shown right) and French friend Mitzi were followed by Patch's friends Poppet and Betsy in 1969. Two dolls named June -- one a friend of Sindy and one a friend of Patch -- were also available through mail-away programs in 1970. The name is a reference to the popular girls magazine June and School Friend.

In 1972 all of Sindy's relatives and friends disappeared, not to be seen again until the mid-1980s.

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Sindy's hairstyle and figure changed throughout the 60s. Starting out with short hair in 1964, in 1968 Sindy grew long hair and began to part it on the side. At left is shown a blonde 1969 Fashion Girl doll with side-parted hair and to the right is an auburn-haired version.

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