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Sindy collectors consider Colette Mansell's book The History of Sindy to be the 'Sindy Bible'. This fabulous book contains pictures, item descriptions and fascinating historical information. However, it also contains a few errors and omissions -- the divine Ms. Mansell is, after all, only human! This page offers a list of corrections and additions to the book.

  • Page 17: Little mention is made of Tammy, a doll sold by the Ideal Toy Corporation in the US. The original 1963 Sindy was modelled on Tammy, and Patch was based on Tammy's little sister Pepper. The tagline "the doll you love to dress..." was similarly borrowed from Tammy. The license to copy these dolls was granted to Pedigree by Ideal on the condition that Pedigree's dolls be given new names. Poor Tammy and Patch are described on Pages 51 and 89 as "lookalikes" issued to "cash in on [Sindy's] popularity". Joyce Gibson (

  • Page 24: The 1966 outfit Happy Traveller also included a red top and grey pleated skirt. The bag pictured in Mansell is either incorrect or a variation, as NRFB outfits instead include a black holdall with white piping. Click here for a picture. Joyce Gibson (

  • Page 112: The 1975 Sindy Styling head was also available in blonde. Eileen (

  • Page 122/3: 1977 Royal Occasion doll is described as having an active body. In fact, this doll had a basic body. Note that the catalogue picture of the doll on Page 123 has a basic body. Elizabeth Reid Steere (

  • Page 132: The pictured black doll is the Black Funtime Sindy sold in the US by Wesco in 1981. Click here for a Wesco catalogue picture. Elizabeth Reid Steere (

  • Page 133: Almost no mention is made of the Marx Sindy range available in America from 1978 to 1981. Some information on Sindy in America can be found here. Elizabeth Reid Steere (

  • Page 135: No information is given about 1978. Mansell merely says "1978 had been an uneventful year for Sindy" and then moves on to 1979. In fact, 1978 was a wonderful year. Items from that year include the Nurse doll which Mansell erroneously describes on Page 182 as being from 1983 and as never appearing in any catalogue, and the introduction of the sleeping-eyed "Sweet Dreams" doll (Mansell dates her to 1979). The Sweet Dreams doll pictured on Page 150 is actually the 1978 version. Elizabeth Reid Steere (

  • Page 189: Unidentified yellow/black/tan check coat may be a color variant of the 1975 outfit Checky Coat pictured on Page 108. Joyce Gibson (

  • Page 192: The 1984 Beach Party doll was indeed available with auburn hair. Click here for a picture. Elizabeth Reid Steere (

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